Škocjan Cave Park

The first natural wonder from Slovenia to be included into the prestigious UNESCO list was the Škocjan caves. This magnificent underground world is still one of the top things to see in Slovenia.

A visitor is usually surprised already while still at the surface upon viewing two big collapsed doline-chasms which form the spectacular entrance to the cave and where reka Reka (River named River) dives underground.

There are 3 trails to visit through the Park: 1. Through the underground Canyon, 2. Following the Reka River underground and 3. Along the Skocjan Educational Trail.

The biggest attraction is without a shadow of a doubt the underground canyon. The path takes you through magnificent halls, the biggest being almost 150 m high, with stalagmites, stalactites, pillars and other carstic formations.

The Park is open every day, with at least 2 guided tours per day (3 on weekends) in the winter and up to 8 tours per day from June to September. More information can be found on their web page.


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