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NOT COLOSSEUM – Amphitheatre in Pula

After talking so much about the Romans this year, we have to introduce to you one of the most impressive Roman artefacts around here. About 200 km south and just ‘a half a border crossing’ between Ljubljana and Pula lies … Continue reading

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Ave, Emona

The main event in celebration of Emona’s 2000th anniversary will try to recreate the atmosphere of Roman times. Roman soldiers, Vestal Virgins, patricians and plebeians will take over Kongresni trg square. Roman legionnaires will be demonstrating their skills and organizing … Continue reading

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2000 years of Ljubljana

There were people living in the wider Ljubljana area before, but around 50 BC the Romans built a military encampment here that later became a permanent settlement called Iulia Aemona. In official Roman style, a preserved written statement indicates that … Continue reading

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