Following the Reka River underground

The second tour you can take at Škocjan Cave park is the one following the river before it enters the underground channel for the first time, comes up in a collapsed doline-chasm and then returns underground again to join the world famous Škocjan Caves.

You can walk the path on your own or with a guide, about 2 hours and is less than 2 km long. The walk starts in the Little collapsed doline at which end the river enters the cave below the village Škocjan. From afar this looks like a massive natural stone bridge on which this tiny village sits. The cave has many natural windows receiving sun rays illuminating the cave. It’s pretty spectacular for a cave.

The path leads you not far above the river so you can clearly see the carvings the river made through centuries on the hard limestone.

This is a must see for all nature lovers.

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