Put down your phone

When you travel, the only logical step is that you document everything that is around you, right? Landscapes, carnivals, streets, churches, cafes, bridges, castles, hostels, people, food, drinks, the sky, yourself …

But let’s think about that a little bit more. Of course it’s nice to have some pictures and videos about your trip – they stay forever and you can remember your awesome trips many, many years from now. But keep in mind that we always remember more when we see something with our own eyes (not trough our phone or camera). We can think a little bit more about what we are seeing and what that means to us.

Famous YouTuber Casey Neistat and his team developed an app called Beme (now they are working with the CNN so the app can’t be downloaded anymore). The catch with Beme was that you had to cover your screen to film a video and in that way you didn’t stare at the screen while filming. And also the videos were max 4 seconds long. Not a bad idea, what do you think?

Photo: http://www.tubefilter.com

I remember when I was photographing some concerts a couple of years ago. It was nice but in the end of the concert I was missing something – when you are taking pictures you are in your own world and you don’t hear the music. So I really don’t understand why some people are filming trough most of the concert – in the end they have some videos of the crowd screaming and you don’t hear the music as good as if you hear it live.

So put your phone down, ok? Take some pictures so that you can remember where you were, but take the time and think about where you are and what you like about the place.

Another thing is if you are photographing and filming for a living. Then that’s your job :).

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