Places to eat within 5 min walk from H2O Hostel

H2O Hostel has one of the best locations in town, this is a fact. Right beside the Ljubljanica river, 2 min walk from the Dragon bridge and couple of minutes walk from most of the important tourist attractions. Some time ago we wrote about Druga violina (Second violin) – one of our favourite restaurant in town. But otherwise you have a lot of restaurants and cafes nearby so let’s check the list:

  • Lockal (Petkovškovo nabrežje 21). A really nice local located before the Butchers’ bridge. If you need some sugar, you can try this:

It is a combination of caramel, milk, cream and brownie. Otherwise you can choose between several types of sandwiches and drink whatever you want (like coffee, beer, wine …).

  • Falafel (Trubarjeva cesta 40). Is explanation needed :)?
  • Gostilna dela (Poljanska 7). This working bistro gives a chance to unemployed and and young people without proper education. They offer daily menus which you can check on their FB page.
  • EK (Petkovškovo nabrežje 65). They are practically our neighbours :). If we write just a few delicious dishes: eggs (benedict, royale, florentine), roasted apples with greek yoghurt, home made granola, non-toast with pink beef and much more. Check their IG profile for more ideas what to eat.
  • Kavarna Rog (Petkovškovo nabrežje 67). They are our partners, so you can get a voucher with us and eat a delicious breakfast for the price of 5 EUR. Otherwise they offer other types of breakfast, bruch, lunch … whatever your stomach and mind want ;).
  • Chinese restaurant Zhong Hua (Trubarjeva cesta 50). Our neighbours, if you seat on our courtyard you can hear the sound of the forks and spoons ;).
  • Kralj žara (Trubarjeva 52). They are also our neighbours. Let us just mention some of their delicious dishes – fried chicken wings, pork sticks, holy cow burger, baked beans, lettuce salad, Argentinian black angus tenderloin … check more HERE.
  • Barbarella Arkade Bistro (Adamič Lundrovo nabrežje 3). They offer daily gluten free soups, vegan burger, salads, sandwiches, rice bowls, organic and locally roasted coffee, vegan desserts. And let we just mention that Barbarella is certified raw and vegan chef (Matthew Kenney Academy 2011).
  • Gostilna Sokol (Ciril Metodov trg 18). They offer (typical Slovenian) food like goulash, mushroom soup in bread coup, deer budjola and much more. Check the tourist menu HERE.
  • Organic garden (Ciril Mertodov trg 11) is a vegan / takeaway restaurant. Pies, burgers (black, yellow, red …), soups etc. They serve breakfast (from 10am on), brunch, lunch, dinner.
Photo: Organic garden
Photo: Organic garden
  • Mediterraneo (Ciril Metodov trg 16). Pizzas, fish dishes, Slovenian food … whatever your stomach and mind wish for. And of course – a wide choice of wine.
  • Klobasarna (Ciril Metodov trg 15). They offer Carniolian sausage, soup and rolled pastry.

P.S. Did you notice that you  have  really a lot of restaurants on Ciril Metodov trg? 🙂

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