An adventurous Stag week in Slovenia

Are you planning a stag week? Then you are probably deciding where to go. Which is the perfect country and city to make your stag week unforgettable.

If you are up for an adventure, then Slovenia is the perfect choice. It is small, but really beautiful country with enormous choice of fun and entertaining activities. Because our country is small, it is perfect for stag do planning – Slovenia’s natural assets are spread out in a relatively small area which makes the distances between the locations of stag do activities very short and easily accessible.

Don’t worry about the season – we have lots of activities in any season. During the winter you can:

  • visit ski resorts (skiing, snowboarding, snow biking, sledging …),
  • go on a paintball or on a
  • shooting course,
  • go karting …

If you are coming in Slovenia during warm months, you should try:

  • rafting on one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet – Soča,
  • canyoning,
  • hydro speeding or wake boarding if you are a true adrenaline junkie,
  • zip line adventure,
  • paragliding,
  • indoor skydiving.

The team who organises stag week or weekend is the best in Slovenia, this we can assure you. They will do anything to make your stag week unforgettable and well planned in advance.

Visit their website https://stagpartyljubljana.com, where you can plan everything – from activities, your sleeping arrangements, where to eat, transportation from and to airport …

Enjoy and best of luck to you and your future wife :)!


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