Planetarium Ljubljana

Planetarium Ljubljana opened it’s doors in October 2016. It is an incredible journey trough the universe with a 360 degree view of the sky.

They have invited us to come and see the place and man … it is awesome. When you get the feeling how Felix Baumgartner was falling down in a 360 degree view – incredible.

Photo: Planetarium Ljubljana

Maybe you know the concept of Planetariums from the other cities but in Slovenia this is the first project of its kind. It combines two programmes:

  1. Stellarium, a 3D star map  software, World Wide telescope and the latest version of Even Horizon (you can not see the stars in Ljubljana very well because of the lights … so this is the perfect opportunity).
  2. Full dome cinema from cartoons and adventure films to digital art projections.

The movies are available in different languages – English, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean etc. (they offer more then 30 movies).

You can check there schedule HERE, but they also offer projections for groups if you tell them in advance when will you come and what do you want to see.

Location: Ajdovščina Square
Phone number: +386 70 146 977

Most definitely one of the best options to spend your free time in Ljubljana, especially on rainy days ;).

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