What to do in Ljubljana for free

There are many things you can do in Ljubljana. For some of them you have to pay, but there are also many activities you can do for free. Let’s take a look on some of them.

  1. The Ljubljana castle
    Except if you are wearing very high heels, you can walk on the castle hill. It is a very nice walk (10 min) trough the woods. You can go on the castle for free and enjoy in a very nice view on the city. You can also walk around the castle and go to the castle forest. We went there in January, you can see the picture below (amazing!). Imagine how it is during the spring or summer time. If you want you can also go to the castle with the funicular (return ticket is 4 EUR). You can also buy the castle ticket for the price of 10 EUR (children, seniors, students: 7 EUR) which includes: 1x funicular (return ticket), 1x museum of puppetry, 1x permanent exhibition of Slovenian History, 1x viewing tower and virtual castle. You can always look for more information about the Ljubljana Castle HERE.
  2. We would also recommend to you two free walking tours in Ljubljana. First is the Ljubljana free tour (ranked #1 on Trip Advisor) and Ljubljana graffiti tour which is also top-rated on Trip Advisor. All the tours are are delivered by local guides and nobody knows the city as good as the locals, right?
  3. You can also take a walk and explore the city by yourself. You can go to the Tivoli park (and check the photo exhibition before the Tivoli castle or just sit and relax) or explore the streets of Ljubljana. We also recommend Metelkova city – during the day you can enjoy in graffiti and the alternative side of the city and by night you can go there for a drink or a (usually) free concerts or parties. Ljubljana is a small city so everything important is in walking distance from our H2O Hostel. Do you like to work out? Ljubljana has 15 outdoor gyms, also one on the castle hill.
  4. If you are in Ljubljana during museum night (February 8th – the anniversary of the death of our greatest poet France Prešeren, May 18th – international museum day, December 3th – the anniversary of the birth of France Prešeren) you can visit the museums for free. Some of the museums also offer free entrance every first Sunday in the month.
  5. Take a cavalier ride. Cavaliers are electrically powered vehicles and with their help you can get trough Ljubljana much easier (not that is hard going by foot though). You can call LPP support center on the numbers +386 1/58 22 425 or +386 51/44 99 92 and a nice gentleman on the other side will tell you when the cavalier can pick you up. They drive 365 days / year and they can drive 5 persons at a time.
  6. Go to the Rožnik hill – it is a very nice walk up there where you can enjoy in the nature or eat something in their traditional restaurant where our great writer Ivan Canker once lived.
  7. Enjoy in concerts trough Ljubljana. During the festive time in December there are many free concerts on the squares. Also some bars and clubs (like Prulček, Zoo Club, Kavarna Rog etc.) offer free concerts on many days of the week.

We totally forgot to mention many things you can do while staying here, but we will leave that for the time you come to us and we will talk some more and got to know each other ;).

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