What do you need when you come to H2O Hostel

So, you made up your mind that you are coming to Ljubljana and you reserved a place at our hostel. We specify our amenities in every online booking site, but it doesn’t hurt if we write everything in one place, right?

The most important thing that you need is your ID card or passport. Without that unfortunately you can not stay in our hostel, because we have to put each and every guest to the system. For safety purposes.

All of our rooms (dormitory and private) have bed linen, so you don’t have to worry about that.

All other things depend on what kind of room you reserve. We have two types of rooms:

  1. Dormitory rooms (4 and 6 beds): 
    towels: you can borrow a small one for free or a big one for 1 EUR,
    lockers: you can get a key for the locker on the reception (we take a deposit of 10 EUR for that),
    kitchen: is in two of three dormitory rooms, otherwise you can use the one in the reception area,
    sitting area: is also in the room or you can enjoy in the small common space in the reception area,
    hair dryer: you can borrow one in the reception.
  2. Private rooms with shared bathroom (double or triple room):
    towels: each person gets a big towel,
    safe: each room has it so please lock your valuables in it,
    kitchen: you can use the one in the reception area,
    sitting area: each room has a table and a chair, you can also use the common area in the reception,
    hair dryer: in the bathroom or if the bathroom is taken, you can borrow one in the reception.
Maybe you will also need a power plug adapter. In Slovenia we use type F

Ok, so that are the basics. If you need something from the supermarket, there are two of them across the river (Spar and Hofer which is open also on sunday until 3pm).

 Otherwise we always follow one basic rule when traveling: if you have your ID and your credit card, you can survive anything :). 


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