Hiša pod gradom – House under the castle

Whenever we come across a nice, tasty and almost magnificent restaurant or bar, we like to write couple of words about it. That we can all enjoy it, right?

Hiša pod gradom or in English “House under the castle” is for sure on of our top choices in Ljubljana. A perfect combination of good food for a reasonable price and excellent staff. Always smiling, they know what they are doing and can advise you about food and drinks but they are not even a little bit pushy. Just the right attitude we would say.

The restaurant itself is located in an old beautiful house (build in 1636) under the castle (now you know why they have such name ;)). Architecture style of the house reflects also in the interior of the restaurant.

Photo: www.hisapodgradom.si

Ok, now about the food. All the food (Slovenian and Mediterranean) is freshly made. They offer breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner. HERE you can check their whole menu made of appetisers, main dishes, Slovenian and side dishes, salads and deserts. It is better if you check the menu for yourself and pick what you like the most ;). What we can say is that you don’t leave the restaurant without dessert in any circumstances! See for yourself …

Photo: www.hisapodgradom.si

Photo: www.hisapodgradom.si

Photo: www.hisapodgradom.si

One other thing they offer is wine tasting. So if you are a wine lover, please check this side of their offer as well.

They are located just a short walk from our hostel on Streliška ulica 10. Their place is also perfect for groups, so please do tell us or them their wishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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