Solo traveling

Traveling alone is a totally different experience. If you are going on a trip, everybody assumes that you’re going with someone. Why? Because you are not safe if you go alone? Because you’ll be bored? Because you don’t want to eat your dinner alone and look like you were abandoned by your boyfriend/girlfriend?

How many times did you stayed at home because nobody wanted to go on a trip? It’s time to end that thinking. Now, because traveling solo doesn’t mean you’re alone. And you have limited time and money in your life. Do what you want with it.

First of all, if you go to some relatively safe country, you don’t have to worry. We assume you are old enough  so you know how to take care of yourself. And if you prepare yourself just a little bit in advance we think everything will be ok. Well, almost everything … but you know, some rough days come even if you go with two, five or fifty other people.

Pros of solo traveling

  1. Traveling solo is a life-changing experience according to most people who traveled alone.
  2. You can do whatever you want. You can sleep as long as you want or get up at 5am without convincing your friends.
  3. You learn so much because you see and do only the things you love. And you depend only on yourself. Also, you meet a lot more of new friends because you’re not closed in a circle of people you know from before. And if you don’t want to meet someone, don’t.
  4. You can think about yourself and your life because you get some distance. Maybe you start to cherish more the things you have in life or see that what you are doing for a living just isn’t it.
  5. You connect more with the place where you are, because there are no distractions.
  6. You will be more confident – you’ll have to order the meals in other language by yourself, explore the city and always rely just on yourself.

If you can’t be alone and with yourself, then you can’t be with other people too. 

Cons of solo traveling

  1. It can be lonely. Even though it’s good to have some alone time, you miss your friends and family. Especially if you go on a vacation for a longer period of time. So maybe you’ll have some homesickness. But you know what? Deal with it and turn on Skype ;).
  2. Solo traveling is more expensive because you don’t have anyone to share your costs with. So you have to be opened to different possibilities, sleep in hostels and share your room with other people, share a ride and so on.
  3. It isn’t unsafe, but we can also talk about safeness. You have to look on yourself, that’s a fact.
  4. You have nobody to share your experience with. Yeah we know, there are other people there and you have friends at home, but nobody want’s to listen you to go on and on and on about your trip. Few pictures and a short talk is enough in most cases. But hey – you went traveling for yourself not for others, right?

So what’s gonna be? Will you wait for other people to go with you? Will you be afraid all the time? No. Take a chance and just go!


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