You don’t have to be rich to travel

First thought when the urge for traveling is big is – do I have the money? You have to work on it, but yes – you can save the money even if you’re not rich. Let’s take a look.

Is traveling your first option beside your “9-5” job? If not, than you will never have enough money. The truth is, you have to cut back on some things and save the money. Nomadic Matt, one of the top 50 travel blogs, writes some good tips how to cut off your expenses.

Then you’ll need to find some cheap flights, you can travel by train, you can hitchhike … there are so many options to go places. Check the online booking sites for cheap accommodation – cheap doesn’t mean bad, just check the reviews and see what people have to say about the place.

And how to stay in other country for a long time if you don’t have a lot of money?

One option is working abroad. Every country has its own regulations, but with a little bit of exploration you can find a way to earn some money. It all depends on what you love and know. We found some great tips HERE.

When you are already on your trip you can also cut back on your expenses. Yeah, yeah, we know, all of your friends want to have gifts. But you know what, they don’t need them ;).  Spent your time exploring the city, meeting new people, photographing and stuff. If you stay at a hostel, you can prepare some meals there and again you save some money.

You don’t have to be rich to travel. All is possible. You just set a goal, make a plan and cut back on expenses. And live the life you imagined.

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