Where to have breakfast in Ljubljana

Good morning, or good day, either way, most of us love delicious breakfast don’t we?

We have couple of really awesome places for breakfast in Ljubljana. We chose couple of them to make your decision easier.

Kavarna Rog
This place is located 350 m away from our hostel. We have a partnership with them. That means that you can get a voucher with us and choose between 2 options. If you don’t like them you can always choose between other options and don’t buy our voucher. It is simple as that and delicious we must say :). Breakfast is available from 7.30 on during the week and from 8.00 on on weekends.

Photo: Kavarna Rog

Ek is also located near our hostel – 150 m away. They open at 7am, so it is also suitable for the early birds. Maybe some poached eggs on an english muffin? Or a non toast? Or maybe some milk rice?

Photo: Ek, Lovro Rozina

Centralna postaja / Central station
All you can eat breakfast for the price of 3,5 EUR? Sounds like a good deal. Eggs, toast …

First a nice short walk trough to city centre to Gornji trg, where you will find Biro, a super nice place where you can enjoy in breakfast or lunch with delicious coffee on the side.

Photo: Biro Bistro

Le petit cafe
Eggs (Benedict, Lorraine, Florentine etc.), toasts  … in a perfect environment. If you add a cup of coffee to all of this, you get a great morning :).

Photo: Le Petit cafe


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