How to get between Ljubljana and Trieste, the city

If you happen to have a car, it is very easy – you hit the motorway and reach your destination in less than an hour, well, in 1 hour and 5 minutes according to Google. Have fun parking in Trieste though. And of course do not forget to buy a Slovenian vignette  for the motorway toll before hitting the highway. It’s a draconian penalty if you don’t.

But it’s a whole different story with public transport. For some reason it is still scarce, especially since the railway discontinued service from both sides a couple years ago.

  1. There is a bus (Veolia) going Mon to Sat at 06:35 from the main bus station in Ljubljana and returning at 14:00. (13.30 EUR)

  2. Another line is Florentiabus, leaving Ljubljana at 5:10, returning at 18:00 from Trieste.

Check out this page.

A bus ride will take you approximately 2 hrs and a quarter. And don’t forget, when searching on Slovenian pages, you need to type Trst, which is Slovenian for Trieste, remember?

And don’t get upset if you don’t find Ljubljana on Italian sites, just try Lubiana.

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