Model of Emona, Roman Ljubljana

As you might know, the Romans made their cities pretty much the same everywhere: A long wall encircling parallel and perpendicular streets, with a forum, spas and so on…. On each side the walls were main gates and maybe a few side gates to enter the city.

The main north gates to Emona (Roman Ljubljana) were on the corner of today’s Kongresni trg Square (Congress Square) and are still preserved. Unfortunately, at the moment you can only see the wall because the gates are set in a building which is waiting for renovation.

If you pass by this wall and through the entrance to the garage, you can see a tunnel (named Chopinov prehod) with a model of Roman Emona . If you continue further into the tunnel, you will see part of the original paved Roman passage in situ.

Accessible 24 hrs. a day, for free. 😉



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