How to eliminate Jet Lag

Did you know that the word Jet Lag was first used in the year 1966? Jet Lag refers to disturbed sleeping patterns and weakness caused by traveling.

Traveling between timezones can be exhausting. Our body is used to some time schedule and with traveling we kinda mix everything up. But we can ease the effects of the Jet Lag with a few tricks if we prepare for it in advance.

One advice is, you stay up late or all night before your trip. But that can be pretty exhausting. Maybe it is better the you alter your sleeping patterns. Wake up early or late (depends on where are you going) and make slow adjustment to the new timezone. So you are fully rested when you go on your trip. Don’t get drunk on the plane – this is totally your choice, but the alcohol will make you even more tired. But keep hydrated all the time during your trip. When you arrive to your destination try to get as much sleep as you would at home.

And what is your tip for Jet Lag?

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