Festival Urbano dejanje

Even though Ljubljana is a small city, it offers so many events trough the whole year. But the summer is especially lively.

In august – between 7th and 13th Festival Urbano dejanje will take place at the Congress square. It will introduce different kind of music – jazz, electronic music, hip-hop and also other urban genres.

You can enjoy in different events trough the whole day – during the day you can attend cultural, sports and artistic activities, fairs and workshops:

  • book fair and flea fair,
  • fair of local design,
  • barber shop,
  • tattooing,
  • grafitti sessions,
  • hip hop workshop,
  • polaroid exhibition …

In the evening a lot of concerts will take place at the Congress square:

  • Kukuashai,
  • Čedahuči and Severa Gjurin,
  • Zmelkoow,
  • Pohalino,
  • K’pow … and many many more.

Please visit their website and check the whole list of events.

We are quite busy this year but if you need a bed or a room don’t hesitate to send as an e-mail to info@h2ohostel.com and check our availability.

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