Working while traveling

How to work on the go? Wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation and also work a little bit and take even a longer trip? But you have to plan even more in advance – do the work and take your time off and explore those beautiful cities around you. Everything is possible … trust us!

  1. Plan your schedule: if you have decided to work, put work first or at least tell your coworkers and clients where you are and when the work will be done.
  2. Reply to your emails: you can easily turn on the auto reply message. So your clients now that you’re not reachable 24/7, but you will respond as soon as possible. And inform your clients about your trip in advance.
  3. Don’t stay up late and wake up early: if you wake up when most of other people are still  sleeping, you can make a lot of work done. In Ljubljana (and Slovenia) you have a lot of coffee shops with free WI-FI from where you can work or if you stay with us, all of our rooms have free WI-FI. We also have a common room. All you need is your computer and your are ready to roll. You can also use coworking spaces.
  4. Don’t party too much: We understand that partying is an important part of every trip – so you must choose a smart path between this and work. You don’t want to be hangover when working on an important project, ha?
  5. Choose the right friends for the trip: not everybody understands that you have to work while you’re traveling. And this can be a very big obstacle for you. So choose your friends wisely (that applies to all aspects of your life).
  6. Don’t rush: if you stay in one city just for a day or two, you will have little time to explore. If you add work to your schedule, you will have even less time. So take your time and schedule everything in advance.
  7. Buy earplugs: oh my, this is invention of a lifetime. If the people are too loud, if somebody is bothering you, if you are sick and tired of everything … just use the earplugs and disconnect from the outer world.

Is there anything else you would like to add? We will be happy to hear any advice!

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