When visiting Ljubljana’s central market, don’t forget to go inside as well.

Ljubljana’s central market offers many shades of colours, a flood of smells and variety of flavours. But many people skip the inner part, which hides interesting little stands and shops.
If you are a cheese lover, like myself, you will be happy to hear of the selection and variety of cheeses that can be found there. From young fresh to matured cheese, from natural tastes to the one matured in wine or zesty with all sorts of spices. Since Slovenians are crazy about pork, there are many places that offer countless meat-oriented foodstuffs, like salamis, ham and sausages – the most famous is Carniolian sausage. If you are a meat lover, check out the wild game offers as well, you’ll be amazed.
The little shop in the picture is Gligora Cheese shop. It opened last year and its showcase product is a sheep cheese from Pag, a neighbouring Croatian island, marked with protected designation of origin.
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