What people are saying about Ljubljana

We are very happy when tourists or people living in Ljubljana write blog posts about it. Especially when they are satisfied with the stay and excited about the treasures Ljubljana has to offer. We collected some of them in one place.

10 things you didn’t know about Ljubljana

Do you know how Ljubljana is pronounced? It’s lub-lee-yana. If you want, you can hear the Google lady say it HERE :). And what’s with the dragon? The dragon is the symbol of the city. You’ll find dragons on Dragon bridge, just a few meters away from the H2O Hostel.

You can read the whole list of 10 things you didn’t know about Ljubljana HERE.

10 Reasons You Should Never Take Your Kids to Ljubljana

Inga wrote a funny post about why you should never take your kids to Ljubljana. And why? One of the reasons is because the kids will not want to leave the Tivoli Park, which is small yet lovely ZOO with playgrounds for all ages.

Read more reasons HERE.

Chasing dragons in Ljubljana 

Miriam expected that Ljubljana will be like any other capital – crowded and impersonal. But she was wrong. She says that Ljubljana is the cutest little capital she’s ever been to.

Check her blog and beautiful pictures HERE.

Ljubljana is For Love: 24 Hours In Slovenia’s Capital 

Rachel spent little time in Ljubljana, but the city became one of her top five cities worldwide. And she says that Ljubljana is not even a city but a amiable Village ;).

Enjoy in her words and pictures HERE.

Nature paths in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is a very walkable city and the authors found several nature paths in Ljubljana. The also say that they love how the nature and the city coexist. They went to Rožnik Hill, Šišenski Hill and Tivoli City Park, to the Botanical garden and the Castle Hill.

Read more about there adventures HERE.

Photo: http://jetsettingfools.com

Thats just a few of the blogs about Ljubljana. Do you know any other? Are you maybe writing one? Share it with us!

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