Boat Cruise on the River Ljubljanica

You can explore Ljubljana in different ways. One of them is a boat ride, where you can see Ljubljana from the water perspective. We got to know the guys from Barka Ljubljanica a long time ago and ever since they invited us to come to a boat ride. And on Tuesday we finally decided and went – we couldn’t pick a more perfect time, because the christmas decoration really looks awesome from down below ;).

Ljubljanica boat is very special because it is the only wooden boat here on the river. It is made from solid larch and oak wood. They needed 3500 working hours for construction and it was designed and made by Laker Craft team.


The boat ride lasts 45 minutes, during the winter 30 minutes. If you are in Ljubljana during december, we really recommend the ride – in the price of 5 euros there is a tea included, and you get mulled wine (very very good one we must say) for the price of one euro. You can check all the details on their website http://www.barka-ljubljanica.si or on their FB page.

Thank you once again for having us on board; we already decided that we are definitely coming back in the summer ;)!

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