How to travel to and around Slovenia

Because we are located in Ljubljana, we will focus on how to get here. And then we will show you around, ok?

If you are wondering how to get to Ljubljana, there are many ways. By car, train, bus or by plane. If you come by car you must have a vignette. We have weekly, monthly, half-year and an annual vignette. We recommend that you buy it on the border crossing with Slovenia or on a petrol station after it. But be careful not to go on a highway without it. If you do, police, transport inspectorate, customs administration and toll-collection controllers can catch you. You can read more about vignettes here.

If you come to Slovenia by car and you stay at H2O Hostel, you can make a reservation for a parking space. Awesome, ha?

It is easy to go to Slovenia by train from many parts of Europe. There are many cities from where you can travel directly to Slovenia by train:

  • Prague,
  • Zurich,
  • Belgrade,
  • Vienna, Graz, Salzburg,
  • Budapest,
  • Munich, Frankfurt,
  • Bucharest,
  • Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija, Pula, Karlovac, Čakovec, Đurmanec, Zabok,
  • Villa Opicina,
  • Moscow.
Our national rail operator Slovenske Železnice can give you more information about the timetable and prices for traveling to Slovenia by train. And don’t forget to check out discounts for young people and groupsYou can also take your car by train from Bohinj Valley to Soča Basin. 
You can also come to Ljubljana by air – to Jože Pučnik airport at Brnik. There are many flights from European cities and also international flights. You can also go to a neighbourhood country and from there to Slovenia by bus or a train. Or you can check with Slovenian carrier GoOpti for low cost transfer. If you need to go to Trieste or Venice airport we wrote some tips about it here
Around Slovenia
And now, when you are finally in Ljubljana? Ljubljana is a very walkable city so you can easily go by foot to many parts of town. You can also rent a bike or use public transportation.
And other parts of Slovenia are easily accessible too – by car, train or by bus. Maybe if you want to visit the countryside we recommend renting a car if you don’t have one. 
If you want, you can leave organising your trip to someone else. Roundabout is one way. They organise day tours and also tours and packages for multiple days. Beside them there are many travel agents who can help you out. Or you can ask us when staying here and we will help you out.
If you want and need more information about accommodation in Ljubljana, read more about our youth hostel HERE. Drop as a line or give as a call, we are happy to help with any information. 


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