The power of words

You have to speak to be heard. That’s a fact.

In our hostel we try daily to fulfil all of your wishes or if we can’t we at least tell you that. But if we don’t know what you are thinking about we can’t help you.

Our guests can book a room or a bed with us through different channels – via online reservation systems, website, e-mail. Via online reservation systems guests can also leave a review after their stay and we really appreciate that comments because we know what is good and what we still have to improve.

But we have on big problem with that. Some guests write a review like: there is no hairdryer in the room so I had to walk around with my wet hair or – I’m kinda worried that their luggage storage gets wet when it is raining outside so I didn’t want to leave the luggage there.

There is nothing wrong to write this stuff, but make sure in advance if we can help you. It is true that we don’t have hairdryers in the room, but we have one in the reception and you can use it whenever you want. So you most certainly don’t have to walk around with your wet hair. As for the other comment – we have a FREE luggage storage. And of course we wouldn’t allow that your luggage gets wet. But if the guest who made that comment would ask us about that, we would explain, because he didn’t we couldn’t help him and he left a bad review instead.

Thats the real power of words. It is nothing wrong if your write them, but if they are justified. We read every single question and review you leave for us, but when you are miles and miles away from our place there is nothing we can do about your problem. But when you are here, we maybe can, so SPEAK UP without any bad feeling while doing that, ok? 🙂

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