The Marshes of Mali Plac

In the lowlands south of Ljubljana lies the Ljubljana Marshes, which until some 6,000 years ago was a lake that then dried up, leaving a marshy plain in its place. Today you can hardly see any water there, apart from the River Ljubljanica and many other smaller streams. But there is a tiny area which still holds the marshes that used to exist there.
The Marshes of Mali Plac lies 5 meters above the surface of Ljubljana Marshes and was never connected with it, which is why it has survived.
It is located near Bevke, a village near Vrhnika and offers a beautiful and very peaceful stroll. If you’re quiet enough, you might see some deer.
For everyone else, you’ll probably see beautiful yellow blossoms of the Iris (Iris pseudacorus).
The most distinctive plants there are mosses (Sphagnum sp.),
and if you are lucky, you can even find a non-vegetarian, or better said, insectivorous plant (Drosera intermedia). Unfortunately we were not.
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