The best falafel in the world is from Ljubljana

Right around the corner, on the parallel street above our hostel, called Trubarjeva ulica Street sits a little place called simply Falafel. Yes, it’s true that falafel is not a typical Slovenian food, but this falafel made by a Slovene woman with some Palestine blood in her veins is, simply put, the best in the world.

Sometimes they prepare Arabic dinners – slow food accompanied by Oriental Belly dancers. The other day we joined such a dinner at Metropol cafe. Before you get carried away with the dancers and delicious food here in these pictures, let me just tell you that the next one is set for tomorrow, 5 March at LP Bar, Novi trg Square in the centre of Ljubljana.

You can still sign up today: +386 (0)40 636 797. Check out also their web page (Slovene only).

If not, maybe there will be one on your next visit, or just check the Falafel place on Trubarjeva ulica Street for some of their best falafel in the world.



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