Temporary band from the underground

In the previously described Planina cave we also formed a (temporary) musical group. Instrument? Hollow stalactites.

A stalactite is a type of formation that hangs from a structure, much like an icicle, that is commonly found on the ceilings of caves, and you can also see them under some bridges. For example, if you are taking a tour in Ljubljana by boat on  the River Ljubljanica, you can see many stalactites under the bridges.

If you want to understand the nature behind them, read here. It is quite interesting how rain water drips through the ground, making its path through by dissolving the rock, limestone in this case. Once it reaches the cave, it dries there depositing calcium carbonate, thus forming stalactites and other structures.

The only hollow one is the stalactite and can be used as a nice sounding pipe for thrilled tourists of the underground.

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