Something extraordinary for all dessert lovers

Cake Ljubljana, like the city Ljubljana as a capital presents all the regions of Slovenia, presents all the culinary regions of the country.

Buckwheat flour comes from the Alpine world, home of the famous Bled. Dry figs and almonds are from the Mediterranean; pumpkin seeds come from the Pannonian region, and chestnuts and honey can be from many places around Slovenia. 

If you have ever visited our country, then buckwheat and honey don’t need any special introduction. They are both highly valued and appreciated for their quality.
There is also a fairytale accompanying the cake, but you’ll have to go and have a piece of it before we tell you the story. Maybe the waiters will tell it to you while you eating your cake. Try it out at Ljubljana central market, under the Plečnik Arcades at Adamič – Lundrovo nabrežje 1.

The place is called Torta Ljubljana, which you probably get, means Cake Ljubljana. 😉 Dober tek!

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