Slovenia’s best craft breweries

In Slovenia we have a lot, and we mean really a lot craft breweries. So if you are a beer lover, Slovenia is definitely a place to visit.

So which are some of the microbreweries we have in Slovenia?  You can click on the names, visit their websites and check more if you want.

  1. Pelicon / the best beer and brewery in Slovenia in 2014.
  2. Bevog brewery / produced in Austria, owned by a Slovenian. Brewery is dedicated primarily to beers of top fermentation, more commonly known as ales. Also the proud owner of many awards.
  3. Human fish / The brewery is based in Vrhnika and they offer tours of the place so you can see how the work is done. The name comes from Proteus (Human fish) – animal who lives in caves. Human fish (the animal) is one of Slovenia’s famous animals. And maybe one day Human fish (the beer) will be one of the most famous beers.
  4. Reservoir dogs / One of the youngest microbreweries in Slovenia, located in Nova Gorica.
  5. And there are also Kratochwill, Adam Ravbar, Carniola …

Photo: Pelicon

And many more. When in Ljubljana, just ask the locals and we will tell you where to go to get the best beer for your taste. Need a place to sleep? Check out our rooms.

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