Roman Business Wellness Spa Resort

Staying in Ljubljana can be both exciting and relaxing, or whichever one you choose. But still, after your stay in Ljubljana we most definitely recommend one of the country’s fine spas for additional relaxation and fresh air.

We have plenty of spa resorts in Slovenia, but the one with the most intriguing history is definitely Roman Spa Resort (Rimske terme in Slovenian).

About 1 hour drive from Ljubljana, first on a highway towards Maribor, then a turn off the highway at Celje and towards Laško or Zidani Most. After passing Laško, a town known mostly for Laško beer, you soon arrive at Rimske toplice, a place that got its name from Roman spas. The resort sits at the steep end of the valley, overlooking it towards the River Savinja. Arriving to the reception by car, you drive up to the 7th floor, from there the rooms and the rest of the spa facilities are in the lower floors. The terrace of a lounge bar, dinning room and outdoor pools get the same spectacular view.

The name suggests Romans had something to do here. And that is so. Archeological finds showed that the Romans constructed pools here for hot and cold water, as early as 39 b.c., and the hot water, rich in minerals, has been used ever since. In the previous century, after the second world war, the spa resort was overtaken by the Yugoslav People’s Army and closed to the regular public. They kept it for themselves until the collapse of Yugoslavia. Then it all remained closed until 2008, when it was reopened, renewed and fresh.

We won’t go into the details about their relaxation and rejuvenation program because it is so extensive and you can read about it on their web page. What we will mention here are the Latin proverbs on the walls,

their beautiful, natural green surroundings offering plenty of hiking, trekking, cycling, etc. possibilities

and their recently opened museum.

The museum shows history from Roman times, including a few stone remains and many pictures, postcards and leaflets from the last century. You might even meet a gentleman who was a hairdresser there from the 1950s and hear some of his very interesting stories about the last 60 years.

The Latin proverbs everywhere are a blast. Even if you have never been interested in proverbs, Latin or any kind, you might end up reading proverbs from every wall, nodding to them in your head and thinking how incredibly smart they are. For example, the most known proverb of them all is probably the one in the lounge bar by the reception: “In vino veritas!” And not only that is a very true one, it’s also the expression that Romans used for “Cheers!” Very convenient.

And remember: “Nihil est annis velocius.” Nothing is swifter than the years. Don’t forget to relax and appreciate your life!

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