Have you ever breathed in the fresh air on Rakitna plateau?

Rakitna is a village on Rakitna Plateau and is best known for its lake and settlement of little weekend ‘mountain style’ houses, which step out with their steep roofs.

The architecture is not for aesthetic reasons but a purely environmental adaptation for harsh winters with lots of snow.

Next to the lake a hotel named simply Rakitna opened less than three years ago, and in front of it starts an archeological forest trail. The trail head has an informative board with a map and basic info.

Alternatively, you can take an easy walk around the lake, it’s quite small with some benches along the way.

The village is also known for Rakitna Health Centre, treating pulmonary illnesses in children, so while enjoying the beautiful spring or mild summer days wandering around the area don’t forget to breath deeply.

It takes you less than half an hour to drive from Ljubljana centre to Rakitna. Right in front of the lake and Hotel Rakitna there is quite a big parking lot where you can leave your car safely.

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