Postojna cave got electric lighting even before the streets of Ljubljana

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Slovenia is undoubtedly Postojna Cave or Postojnska jama in Slovene, Adelsberger Grotte in German and Grotte di Postumia for the Italians.

Almost two centuries ago the cave was opened to the public, and since 1884 it has been illuminated by electric lighting, more than a decade before Ljubljana got its public electric lighting.

One added feature that makes the cave unique is a little tourist train whose rails were planted back in 1872. At first, the little cars were pushed along by the guides themselves. Later at the beginning of the 20th century (luckily for the guides) a gas locomotive was introduced, then shortly after it was switched to electric power at last.

A visit to Postojna Cave is guided and approximately 90 minutes long. The 5 km long journey starts with a scenic maze from the train and then continues deep underground on foot through strongly calcified halls and passages.

This 20,570 m long karst cave system near Postojna was created by the River Pivka, which enters the cave on the left hand side from today’s exit for visitors. Don’t forget to check this out as well.


We are posting only pictures from the outside, but you can see some beautiful underground pictures here.

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