Planica – World Cup Ski Jumping Finals

I was talking about ski fever at the beginning of March and I will do that again now. This time I am talking about biggest sports event in Slovenia. The biggest by how many people attend every year and how much everyone loves this event.

It’s true, some people also call it the biggest drunkenness event of the year, but undoubtedly the Planica World Cup Ski Jumping Finals is a must see for everyone even slightly interested in Slovenia.

It all kicks off tomorrow (already) Wednesday, 20 March with the official flying-hill test in the morning. On Thursday there are official training sessions and qualification.

The competition starts on Friday afternoon, but the biggest crowd is on Saturday, which is slotted for team competition. Sunday is also great to feel the excitement of the tournament and the sense of a big sports event, but there are fewer people, so it’s a bit easier to wander around. Each day there are some concerts around the site, with Saturday’s party in Vitranc Hall in Kranjska Gora, the nearest town (You should have heard a bit about Kranjska Gora by now.)

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