Parking in Ljubljana

In Ljubljana parking is available on several places. There are more than 4000 outdoor parking spaces and more than 2000 parking spaces in the parking garage available.

We have 4 different tariff classes:

  • tariff class I: parking areas available in the city centre
  • tariff class II: parking areas located outside the city centre, yet close
  • tariff class III: parking areas located outside the city centre, near Kino Šiška, Tivoli park and cemetery Žale
  • tariff class P + R (park and ride): parking areas located at the outskirts of the city; you can leave your car there and go for free to the city centre and back with the city bus

You can find the list of the parking spaces and prices here.

Finding a free parking space during the week in the city centre can be a very difficult if not even impossible task. And you must be careful, because if you park where is forbidden or if you don’t pay the parking, your car can be removed. But don’t panic – your car was taken to Auto mobile fairgrounds at Cesta dveh cesarjev. You go there, pay the fine and you get your car back. You can check the list of towing vehicles here.

If you are coming to Ljubljana with your car, you can reserve a parking space with us. Just let us know your wishes when you reserve your stay. You find our contact here.

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