Odprta Kuhna – Food Market

Tomorrow – and every sunny Friday till October – you can go for a snack, lunch, desert, good wine or smoked beer at the outdoor food market, called Odprta kuhna. At Pogačarjev trg Square (Ljubljana Central Market) variety of good restaurants are cooking outdoors.

The nicest thing is that beside restaurants with local food (from all over Slovenia) there are stands with Turkish, Russian, Egyptian, Asian… food, stands with raw food, with Rakijito (Mojito with rakija) and others. Each Friday is a bit different.

Klocavi nudli (upper photo), sweet dumplings filled with dry fruit or raw cakes (lower photo), surprisingly delicious cakes, are just some of many deserts.

Food Market is open from 9 to 19, besides food, you can get a free map of Slovenia on “I Feel Slovenia” stand and sometimes you can even catch some street performance.

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