‘New Square’ with a capital N.

Capital N for a simple reason, that’s its name. Are you asking yourself when was it that it was new? Well, a long time ago! When the walled Medieval Ljubljana became too small, richer people moved to the other side of the Ljubljanica River to build bigger and more open houses.

Up until a few years ago the square served as a parking area in between surrounding places, but finally it was thoroughly renovated and, most importantly, rid of cars. The Square connects the National and University Library of Slovenia and the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts with the lively, renovated embankment of Ljubljanica River.

The Square came to life, figuratively speaking, with many cultural events 

and, literally, with a little poplar tree that was planted on the upper side of the square.

The adorning red stripes set among the pavé stones are made of Igneous Stone Porphyry.

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