Museum of Illusions Ljubljana

We have lots of museums in Ljubljana. One of them is Museum of Illusions. We asked, we checked and went for an hour and a half of pure fun. So … what is the Museum of Illusions? Perfect for all generations, Museum of Illusions brings new kind of entertainment in Ljubljana. What do they offer?

  1. The Vortex tunnel: first of such in this part of Europe. It really makes your head spin, believe us.
  2. Kaleidoscope
  3. Photo illusions
  4. Stereogram
  5. Optical illusions
  6. Holograms
  7. Einstein Hollow Face Illusion
  8. Rubin’s Vase
  9. The mirage
  10. Head on the platter
  11. True Mirror
  12. Infinity Disco Room
  13. Rotated Room
  14. Anti-gravity Room
  15. Ames Room
They also have a smart playroom. And well … it’s not that easy you know :). It is a real fitness for your brain. You can also choose from 70 Dilemma games in their smart shop or you can buy a pencil , t-shirt, hoodie, 3D lightning … The ticket price is 8 EUR for adults, 5 EUR for children (5-15 years) and 20 EUR for families (two adults with maximum two children).
So if you have some spare time, we really recommend to visit the place, because fun is guaranteed! 

The Vortex Tunnel / Photo: Museum of Illusions

Head on the platter / Photo: Museum of Illusions Ljubljana

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