Maribor – European Youth Capital 2013

It began about two months ago, but the end is still a ways off. If last year Maribor, Slovenian 2nd largest city, was the proud owner of the title European Capital of Culture, this year we get to call it the European Youth Capital 2013.

The aim is to “enable young people to be regularly informed and to actively participate in society or in the local community and thus help create new opportunities for themselves for a better future.”

Are you asking yourself if you are old or young? Well, the response would be that, “the programme is primarily intended for young people, aged between 15 and 29, but EYC Maribor 2013 seeks to include the public both young as well as older; in this way it stresses the importance of intergenerational cooperation.”

Young or “old”, Maribor is a beautiful city with many things to visit, like the oldest vine in the world and its huge and impressive wine cellar below the old city centre. So if it offers some extra activities, that is only better, right? And if this motivates you, why not become a programme volunteer there?

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