Around Ljubljana with the help of your phone

More and more people are using smart mobile phones. So do probably you.

We checked the Android store and found out there are multiple applications that help you get around Ljubljana. The easiest way to find those applications is by typing “ljubljana” into the search box. Here is the list of most useful applications in our opinion:

  1. Ljubljana Taxi (Android). With downloading this application you get a list of ten Taxi services in Ljubljana with their phone numbers. All you need for getting from A to B.
  2. Visit Ljubljana and more (Android and iOS). Here you can find events, sights, where to eat out, list of accommodation, tours and excursions, entertainment, shopping and much more – like inspiration where to go if you are a family with young children, what to see in Ljubljana in a day or two etc. Very, very useful app.
  3. Tap Water Ljubljana (Android and iOS). Did you know we have 17 drinking water fountains in Ljubljana? So if thirst gets to you on the way just open the app which determines your current location and helps you find nearest drinking water fountain.
  4. Bicikelj (Android and iOS). With the help of this app and map you will find bike system stations and number of available bikes on each station. Or you can come to H2O and we will rent you one for 5 euros per day.
  5. Ljubljana Bus (Android). Very useful app with a map if you want to go places in Ljubljana with city bus. Just one thing – it’s in Slovenian language, but we will help you (zemljevid = Map, Linije = Lines, Obvozi = Detour).
That’s it. And there is always one more way – to ask the locals. We are happy to help! 
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