Ljubljana Bridges

We have many bridges in Ljubljana. We think that’s why some people compare Ljubljana to Venice. What do you think?

1. Dragon bridge
Dragon bridge is beside the Grain bridge closest to us. It crosses Ljubljanica between Kopitar street (Kopitarjeva ulica) and Ressel Street (Resljeva ulica). It was built in the beginning of the 20th century. Today is protected as a technical  monument.

And a question for you? How many dragons are there on the bridge? 😉

2. Grain bridge
The Grain bridge is a footbridge and it is located between Tanner Street (Usnjarska ulica) and Gestrin Street (Gestrinova ulica). Grain bridge is also very close to us. As you can see on the picture there is also a small “terrace” on the river where you can enjoy on sunny days.

3. Triple bridge
Triple bridge is probably the most famous bridge in Ljubljana. The triple bridge is a group of three bridges and it connects old town of Ljubljana and the new part. It is located on the main square.

4. Butchers’ bridge
The Butcher’s bridge is also a foot bridge crossing river Ljubljanica. It connects the Ljubljana Central market and Petkovsek Embankment (Petkovškovo nabrežje). This is the bridge where you can put a love lock on the fence.

5. Cobblers’ (Shoemakers’) bridge
This is one of the oldest bridges crossing the Ljubljanica river. It was designed by our famous architect Jože Plečnik.

And beside the mentioned ones, there are also this bridges in Ljubljana:

  • Črnuče bridge,
  • Fabiani Bridge,
  •  Fužine Bridge,
  • Hradecky Bridge,
  • St. James’s Bridge,
  • Jek Bridge,
  • Kavšek Bridge,
  • Ljubljanica Sluice Gate,
  • St. Peter’s Bridge,
  • Prule Bridge,
  • Rooster Bridge,
  • Trnovo Bridge.
So if we think again … we see why some people compare Ljubljana to Venice ;)! 


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