Stud farm Lipica, home of the Lipizzaner horses

The oldest European stud farm breeding a single breed of horse and one of the oldest cultural monuments in Slovenia is Lipica. It is the original stud farm of one of the oldest cultural horse breeds – the Lipizzaner.

Its founding dates back to the 16th century, when the Hapsburgs ruled this territory. Archduke Charles chose to build the royal stud farm in the abandoned summer residence of the Bishop of Trieste. Karst, and particularly the area around Lipica, has excellent micro-climate conditions for breeding horses.

…And excellent conditions for trips! Usually this area is pretty sunny and, being very close to the Adriatic Sea, warm, probably warmer than anywhere else in Slovenia.

They offer various activities, like guided tours around the stud farm, a presentation of the classical riding school, you can even ride a carriage or meet a Lipizzaner horse. This last means you can gain full insight into the horses, including an introduction to the correct approach and grooming of the horse and actually meet the Lipizzaner.

Check their web page for more info.


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