Let’s visit Bled!

Not even an hour drive from Ljubljana, lies a beautiful Alpine fairy-tale town: “Once upon a time there was a princess, living in a beautiful castle situated on a tall shiny white rock. Above surrounded by the snow-topped mountains and below embraced by blue waters. On the lake wooden pletnas are rowing to the island, where visitors can walk up impressive stairs towards the wishing bell to make their desired wish.”

Of course, to find out what happened to the princes you will have to visit Bled. And why not go there this Thursday 6 Jun, when in the evening, after inhaling a lot of fresh Alpine air all day, you have the possibility to breathe in some Oriental rhythms?

More than 30 dancers, two musicians and Arabic cuisine will present the flavours of Orient in Festivalna dvorana Bled. The performance Between Heaven and Earth / Med nebom in zemljo is a new project that will present a variety of dance styles – from traditional Oriental to Balkan dances, together with modern styles. Two musical virtuosos Marko Korošec (lute) and Andrej Hrvatin (percussion) will join the dancers on stage.

The organizers are promising something to satisfy all the senses, so visitors will be able to taste some typical Arabic delicacies that will be prepared by Ljubljana’s Falafel.

Tickets (5 €) for the show are available at the TIC Bled and Vidičeva hiša Radovljica.

In case you don’t decide on the combination of Alpine air and Oriental aroma you can still come for a more regular mix of Oriental & Ljubljana perfume on  27 June in CK Španski borci in Ljubljana. Tickets are available in Falafel on Trubarjeva 40 or in CK Španski borci.

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