Labyrinth Ljubljana

We just love how Ljubljana is getting new and new adventure games. At the beginning of October we came across Labyrinth, we wrote to the guys and in late October part of our staff went there because we wanted to try the game for ourselves.

So what Labyrinth is all about? Labyrinth is an interactive adventure game, one of a kind in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe and the world. You are “captured” in a labyrinth (1500 m long, 500 m2 surface) and you have 150 min to rescue yourself out of there. We can not tell you all the details, but we can tell you that you can use a flashlight and your brain and that you have a lot of fun during the game :). Do you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone? Than Labyrinth Ljubljana is the perfect place for you.

The price is 80 EUR for a team of five people. The game is also very suitable for team buildings. You must reserve your spot in advance!

You can read more about them on their webpage (www.labyrinth-ljubljana.com), but for now it is only available in SLO language. Or visit their FB page where you can see how other visitors had fun, yeah laughter is guaranteed.

Guys, thank you once again for having us and we wish you the best of luck!

The Labyrinth Ljubljana team also send us some pictures of the place so you can imagine how the game looks like, but better to check that in person ;).

Oh yeah, and the location of the place. The adress is Vodnikova 123, Ljubljana. You can reach the place very easy with your car or with city bus.

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