How to stay healthy while traveling

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the tempo in a new city, but you can and must be under control of yourself even when traveling. How can you do that?

  1. Drink a lot. And we don’t mean alcohol. Not all of the time :)! Bring a reusable bottle and pour yourself some water. In Ljubljana that is the smallest problem, because we all drink tap water and you also have multiple water fountains across the city.
  2. Eat at least one healthy meal a day. Look for some good restaurants in every city – and good doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Look on Trip Adviser and read what other people recommend. In H2O Hostel we are always glad to help with some good tips, so just let us know while staying in Ljubljana ;)!
  3. Don’t forget about your routines. You know – jogging, taking vitamins and medications, doing your yoga routine every morning etc.
  4. Stay away from people who are sneezing and coughing. That’s the first rule. Unless they are travelling with you, then you have no other choice ;).
  5. Sanitize your hands when you are touching stuff that are probably dirty – and they are many of them around the cities.
  6. Practice safe sex. We know how it goes when being “young”, free and in other country ;)! Use your upper head too.
  7. Get enough sleep. No explanation needed.

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