Happy Birthday Falafel

Our neighbors – Abi Falafel, the popular Ljubljana food bar at Trubarjeva ulica Street 40 – is celebrating a birthday on 4 June!

10 enjoyable years of delicious and tasty food – the first in Slovenia to serve Arabic food – will be celebrated on a big scale. For the day’s finale, they’ve invited a very good Slovenian folk-music group to play that we already mentioned here, Fake Orchestra.

It wouldn’t be a proper Arabic food celebration without charming belly dancers. Hayati Oriental Dance Group will be around to shake their hips and satisfy your eyes.

So, this Wednesday, from 10 AM till 10 PM, don’t forget to stop in at Falafel. This special day-long event is planned with food tasting and snacks, cooking workshops and a falafel-frying competition. And don’t forget the cultural program previously mentioned.
Here is the day’s detailed celebration schedule:
10:00  Introduction to celebration
11:00  Belly-dance show
12:45  Belly-dance show
13:00  cooking workshop – how to make falafel at home
14:30  Belly-dance show
16:45  Belly-dance show
18:00  cooking workshop – how to make falafel at home
18:15  Falafel-frying competition
19:30  Belly-dance show
20:00  FAKE ORCHESTRA concert
22:00  Celebration conclusion


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