2000 years of Ljubljana

There were people living in the wider Ljubljana area before, but around 50 BC the Romans built a military encampment here that later became a permanent settlement called Iulia Aemona. In official Roman style, a preserved written statement indicates that this happened in 14 AC.
Using basic math skills you have probably already figured out that this year we are celebrating 2 millennia of Ljubljana.

For such a big anniversary the city of Ljubljana has prepared many interesting events, like fairs, exhibitions, shows, plays, thematic guided tours…

For the public, two archaeological sites from Roman times have been opened (Emonan House and the Early Christian Centre). The first one even displays a Roman public toilet!

Individual travelers will love the new full loop trail in the center of Ljubljana that takes you through Roman ruins in situ.

In Kongresni trg square you’ll see the copy of best preserved statue,

the Roman wall in Mirje, remains of the cloaca in front of The Faculty of Arts,

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