1st of May – a holiday with 2 days to celebrate!

In Slovenia we celebrate International Workers’ Day on two days, both 1 and 2 May are days off work. But the fun starts even a day before that, on 30 Apr when during the day the bonfires are built and at sunset are lit. You can find many celebrations with bonfires (and of course concerts and drink&food stalls) around the country. Basically, every village or hill has one and you are always welcome to join.

Probably one of the most famous and definitely the most visited bonfires is the one in Ljubljana, which is atop Rožnik hill. The mornings of 1 May used to be kicked off with reveille by a workers’ band and followed by a march of properly dressed workers, usually with a single red carnation pinned to their clothing, heading towards a gathering with cultural and sometimes political programs.

Today, this tradition still goes on – for example, you can see it in Ljubljana, where the reveille starts at 7:00 and then the celebration at 10:30 on Rožnik Hill – but people mainly see 1 and 2 May as part of a one week spring break and tend to travel somewhere.

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