Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

At H2O hostel we respect the privacy of our customers and people interested in our hostel offers. Due to the nature of communication between the customers and people interested, it is sometimes required to provide some personal information.

Collection of personal information

On the H2O Hostel website one can request additional information using various forms or contact us via e-mail. In these cases you are notified of what information is needed, what information you are to provide and what information you choose to provide, how this information will be used and how to request the removal of your personal information from our lists.

Usage and exposure of personal information

By providing us with your personal information using our forms on the H2O Hostel website you are allowing us to use your personal information for explicitly described use (newsletter, contact forms, e-mail). The collected personal information will not be deliberately forwarded nor sold to a third party that could use the information to harm you or your well being. However, we can use, expose and store personal information when it is required by the law and when it is necessary to protect the information and yourself from potentially harmful intentions.

In most cases the collected personal information will be used solely by H2O Hostel to keep customers informed about their bookings, offers or other related information.

Changes to this policy

This privacy policy on the personal information collected on the H2O Hostel website is occasionally changed and updated. You are encouraged to read it every time you provide personal information to us.

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