Pub crawls in Ljubljana

What is a pub crawl? It is an act when several people (a group) are drinking in multiple bars and pubs. It is a social gathering, most probably for the tourists. On pub crawls you can meet new friends and get to know the social life of the city you are staying in.

Pub crawl Ljubljana
This is the most popular pub crawl in Ljubljana. For the price of 15 EUR you get 5 shots, karaoke, drinking games, beers for beer pong & beer bong and free entry to the best clubs.
Time: 10 pm
Place: Kapuciner bar Ljubljana (Congress Square 15)
Website: www.pubcrawlljubljana.com

Ljubljana pub crawl
This is the first pub crawl in Ljubljana, so we can say they are the most experienced. It costs 13 EUR and you get a 3 EUR discount if you book your crawl on their website. For this price you get 3 welcome shots, entrance into the hottest club in Ljubljana, partynaut, morning sunglasses :) , socializing and drinking games.
Time: 10 pm
Place: Triple bridge (in front of Tourist information centre)
Webiste: www.ljubljanapubcrawl.com

Mad Moose Pub Crawl
On this pub crawl you get 5 Moose shots, free entry to the best clubs and pubs, miss vodka random attacks, icebreakers and games … all for the price of 15 EUR.
Time: 9.30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday
Place: Town Sqaure, in front of Robba fountain
Website: www.pubcrawl.si

Pub crawl by Ljubljana night
This is Ljubljana’s biggest pub crawl (so they say). For the price of 15 EUR you get 4 shots, karaoke, drinking games, beer for beer pong or bong, also extra gun shots, bar & club entries, crazy party guides.
Time: 21.30 (Monday – Saturday in the season)
Place: Prešeren Square, kavarna Tromostovje

For the price of 15 EUR (you get 20 % discount if you book your hike online) you get free entry to bars and clubs, 5 welcome drinks, live music and karaoke, drinking games and prizes.
Time: 10pm (Monday – Saturday)
Place: Prešeren Square (look for the pink umbrella)
Website: www.barhikeljubljana.com

No matter what which pub crawl you pick, we are certain you will meet a lot of new people and have a great time :) ! Enjoy your time in Ljubljana.

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